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Trans4mers is a learning-home shaped by Dr. Pavithra A J with a vision of transforming the learning possibility in students and especially children. Dr. Pavithra A J has completed her Ph. D in Biological Sciences in National University of Singapore. Along with research capabilities, she has deep-dived on how one learns anything. Dr. Pavithra is a handwriting analyst, NLP practitioner, memory trainer, parenting trainer and a student counsellor.

Trans4mers has trained a number of learners ranging from school kids to lecturers, homemakers and professionals. The learning methodology translates to a better recalling capability and by increasing one's capacity to learn it enables to receive more.

We know others better than what we know about us. It’s time to ourselves, our strengths-weaknesses, learning abilities, personality type and dominant intelligence, which should be the primary focus. Knowing our own identity based on fingerprint analysis gives us a greater empowerment and helps to choose a suitable career and excel further.

Parents these days recognize that children in their tender years if exposed to better knowledge and experience, it leads to better future for both the child and the society. Lacking the awareness of how to engage children in an organized way, parents of this generation are confused. The reasons could be many and Trans4mers provide an opportunity for such parents who are will to define their children’s success through conscious efforts and help child to develop in a holistic style.

The mission of Trans4mers is to create a generation of enabled kids and ultimately transforming the way the next generation lives.

We Provide

Memory Enrichment

Knowing how memory works, what are the means in which information is taken in and processed and the how mind works in terms of memory helps hugely to settle our thoughts about memory and recalling. Students just fall in love with the techniques of memorizing after attending this training. The use of multiple senses for retaining the information and transfer it to long-term memory is the main concern. Also application of precise techniques which allow one to easily remember 100 or more unrelated words in a short span of time, how to use spatial information to visualize and recall, the usage of natural processes, linking and question-answer methods for remembering stories, importance of key words in mind-mapping, reading methodology, goal-oriented time-board implementation, remembering numbers using unbelievable techniques, converting a whole text to one page, revising methods which takes less than 5 minutes and more. Students above 5th STD up to 10th profits maximum from this course as it sets a sense of organizing the lesson content proficiently. College going students embrace both revision techniques and visualization part since their chapters are big. Students preparing for competitive exams feels being in cloud nine as recalling instantly is the greatest need. Lecturers really love this training because the more organized content is in teacher’s mind, converts the same into students mind. This is a 100% recalling methodology.


We know better about other than we know about us. If we use the same ability of ours to observe ourselves we can know our hidden potential. This may even take a life time for us to given the situation and circumstances. Here is a convenient way to know the secrets of yourself and enable you to have a clarity of your strengths, learning type, dominant intelligence and most importantly personality type. Know your IQ, EQ, AQ and SQ and get to know the ways of improving them. Clarity about yourself always empowers you to express yourself effortlessly. This program is meant for students who are deciding to choose their main subject for advance or higher studies, students who are looking for career guidance, professionals who are looking for leap in their career, employers who are looking for suitable employees for specific positions, coherent sibling relationship, stronger bonding with spouse, affectionate parent-child relationship and one who is finding direction is life.

NextGen Genius

If you search the meaning of genius you would get “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability” as one of the definitions. But what we have forgotten is to exercise our natural ability to turn it to exceptional or creative. A child is not a clean slate but endowed with immense talents, it is in the hands of you as a parent to nurture and groom the possibility of your child to succeed or to become a genius. Be it Abhimanyu, Shivaji Maharaj, Zakir Hussain, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Thomas Alva Edison, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and many more, it is the self-driven, dedicated, enthusiastic parents behind those successful people. Have you checked the definition of parent? Please do, you will be astonished to see the results. As a parent you innately know that your efforts are essential for shaping your child’s life. If you are looking where to start from this program is for you. In this program you will know what are the 5 different areas required for a child’s overall development, from which age you can start to help your child to learn, you will know the ways in which your child loves to learn, you will know why it is easy to for a child to learn compared to an adult and you will also know how to bond well with your children. 0-8 years is the foundational period of a child, what a child learns after that is just building on that foundation. A greater building always have a stronger foundation. This is a program specially designed for parents with kids 0 to 8 years, pregnant ladies, newly married couples, grandparents, nursery teachers and pre-school teachers.

What People Say About Us

Dr. Aishwarya Bhargav
CTO, Peachderm Healthcare

I attended the course on memory building by Dr. Pavithra A. J. I have known her for a long time, and have absolute faith in the techniques she uses. The sessions were extremely well planned and were engaging. I was able to use them in my career. I strongly recommend Dr. Pavithra's classes to all students, as it reduces the stress induced by memorizing. The trainer i.e. Pavithra is simply great. I loved the part where she taught me worlds pertaining to relationships and family in Kannada through a song.

Vaishnavi G. R
Charted Accountant

It's a very helpful course because I have to retain all the knowledge that I gain. And the memory techniques taught at these classes helped me doing this. A whole lot of techniques are taught and based on my creativity and situation I applied the same to remember things. The techniques that I could connect with the most is "Question and Answer" and "Mind mapping". To apply these techniques more effectively, I was also taught relevant exercises. These prepared my mind and body at its best to grasp well. This is that aspect of the course that many others in the market miss out and can be called the uniqueness of this course. And Dr. Pavithra is very much approachable. The moment I was stuck, she was right there to help me out and explains everything very patiently. She is the best guide as far as I know. Thank you once again and I am glad I was a part of this course. Highly recommended course for students especially!!

Dr. Ananya Dasgupta
Visiting faculty IISER Berhampur

I am extremely thankful to my friend trainer Dr. Pavithra for organizing such an interesting program ‘NextGenGenius’. The course work covered a lot of useful aspects on parenting that I was not aware of before. Overall, this course focuses on the mental and physical development of a child and how successful and intelligent parenting can help us overcome the major and minor troubles we face while up bring the child. So, being a would-be mother, I really look forward to applying this knowledge in future to raise my kid successfully with the best of my abilities.

Dr Rakshitha Mouly

The Memory Enrichment course has helped me a lot and made my learning process easy. This course provides tools and techniques to memorize in a simplified and scientific manner so it lasts long. A few techniques has helped me to enhance my perception level. Dr Pavithra has provided me with the excellent insights at each and every step.

Ms. Vidya G. S

My daughter has completed 2 levels of this course and I'm happy that she's improving. She finishes her study even more sooner than she was. Her concentration levels have also increased. I thank Dr. Pavithra for helping to improve my child's ability.

Ms Sunitha A. S.,
Fashion designer

Your teaching methodologies is admirable, this helped my daughters understand their curriculum better. You have patience and excellent communication skills. You are a passionate and a dedicated educator. You have ability to inspire students and to explore their ideas through a meaningful way. My kids were comfortable and have positive influence always.

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